Most people won’t ask personal finance questions on a first date. Money is simply one of those topics that’s best left for when you know the person sitting across the table from you a little better — even though how someone handles their finances can offer you some key insights about whether they have relationship potential. But given that personal finance is Respondents ranked these eight varieties from least troubling 1 to most 8 :. That makes sense because student loans and mortgage loans are generally viewed as responsible debt. Auto loans in general shouldn’t raise a major red flag either, because most people don’t pay cash for their cars. That’s understandable, considering that a payday loan is dead giveaway of shaky finances. They’re generally taken out for relatively small amounts of money, at deeply unfavorable terms to the borrower.

Is Debt a Relationship Deal Breaker?

Dating is all about discovery. In turn, learning more about the other person is a great way to spark conversations that go beyond polite formalities. You know, things like misspelled tattoos. Failed relationships. An affinity for Nickelback.

Does debt have to be a deal breaker when you’re in a serious relationship? With all this talk about how to date or be with someone in debt.

I am teacher with a credit score of , no debt, and a small, but decent amount of savings. My boyfriend is an engineer making more than twice what I make, but he has no savings and lives paycheck to paycheck. His divorce was finalized this year, so some of this financial reality is new for him, and I think it has been difficult for him to come to grips with it.

I told him point-blank he should get rid of his truck, and get a car cheap to own and maintain like I have, plus save on payments, gas, and insurance, but he says he loves the truck too much and he owes more than the truck is worth. I want to stop offering passive financial advice, and want him to stop offering passive excuses. I want us both to do stuff that works and actually become financially compatible. Any ideas?

He can start by making a plan to pay down his debt. You are one of the few people who have written at the right time.

Seven Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bad With Money

By Christian Gollayan. February 5, pm Updated February 26, pm. A new survey by finance planning Web site Comet asked 1, people about how finances play into their dating preferences. Researchers found that 70 percent of women and 61 percent of men said that they would hesitate to date someone who overspent. The survey also found that 45 percent of daters said they would not consider someone romantically if they carried credit card payments that are 15 percent more than their monthly income.

Talking about finances with your partner can be a tricky subject.

I’d hate to see my single colleagues be considered dating pariahs based on Conversely, someone with “only” $50, of debt may be living The types of debts that might raise questions with a partner are credit card.

Ah, falling in love! Such a special, happy time. And learning about your new love interest’s relationship with money can be a bombshell, especially if they’re carrying a tonne of debt. Imagine: you’re quietly splitting a dessert when they announce they can’t pay their share of the bill because a credit card payment is overdue. Like, really overdue.

So, where to go from here? Finance and relationship experts share what you can do if you’re smitten with someone in debt.

Dating With Debt

But are poor financials a big enough reason to eliminate someone as a potential mate? According to a new survey by Match. At all. Here are a few more results:. Related: Could you ever marry for money?

Credit card debt is a dating deal breaker: survey. A new survey found that 45 percent of respondents would be hesitant to date someone with.

Subscriber Account active since. You better be debt-free , too. The online survey polled 2, American millennials born between and , fielded to a third-party sample between November 22 and November 27, Men were significantly more likely than women to be put off by student debt in a romantic relationship. The cluster labeled “yes” indicates how many respondents would consider student debt when dating someone.

The cluster labeled “no” indicates how many respondents wouldn’t consider student debt when dating someone. Respondents were also asked how much student debt would be a deal-breaker in a partner.

Credit card debt is a dating deal breaker: survey

Debt can be very difficult to talk about, especially with those closest to you. Thousands of people are dealing with their debt alone, and have no one to talk to about it. This can make debt an even bigger burden to carry. Getting debt advice is only part of the challenge.

It’s OK To Talk.

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. Money is still one of the major reasons couples fight and break up. But now it seems it may also be the reason many potential romantic connections never even happen. According the results of a survey by website finder. For example, payday loans are viewed as the least acceptable form of debt in a love interest.

Fifty-eight per cent of respondents said they would break up with someone carrying payday loans.

Debt is a dating red flag, and so we delay bringing it up – or lie about it

Six years ago Becky Beach, now 37, was dating a well-dressed business analyst with a fancy car. He proposed with a diamond ring. The relationship soured when he confessed, while house shopping, that his credit was in the gutter. When it comes to dating, 3 in 10 Americans admitted to lying about their salary, while over a quarter said they’ve hidden the truth about their spending habits, according to a recent survey of 2, adults, by Self Lender , a credit-building loan app.

In addition, about one quarter of those polled have lied to a new partner about their level of debt. Still, the average person waits six months before disclosing debt to a partner, Self Lender found.

Having debt doesn’t exactly make someone unique — but how they approach that debt can say so much about who they are and what kind of.

No, you’re not looking to make sure you have enough money to pay for flowers, chocolates or a fancy dinner. Instead, you’re checking to see if your debt limits your dating pool. According to the website, that could shrink your “pool of potential matches by roughly That’s an interesting contrast to credit card debt — more people said they were concerned about credit card debt likely due to it being more common , but they were willing to look past a larger amount.

That’s an appropriate response given the very high interest rates associated with often- predatory payday loans. What to do: Why you should come clean to your partner about your finances. Respondents are more forgiving on these types of loans, which aren’t as closely associated with making poor financial choices. Debt should not doom you to being alone, but prospective partners are right to be concerned, especially if you have credit card, payday loan, or other high-interest debt. This isn’t a first-date topic — “Hi, I’m Joe and I have way too much credit card debt,” is an awkward introduction.

It is, however, something you should bring up before a relationship becomes serious. Ideally, if you have debt, you should proactively address it once a relationship begins to become serious. Don’t just lay out your financial situation without comment. If the relationship has the potential to lead to marriage, the debt of one partner becomes the debt of the other.

Should You Date Someone With Debt?